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Services. Better Management Practices

Marking and Contracting Timber

The first step is to decided what is the best harvest for you. When do you want to harvest next time? This will determine how much you cut the first time around. 

Some people want to be able to cut in 15 years because they will be retiring. Others want to cut it hard because they will be selling the property or they want to cut it lite so they can use future timber sells to help sell the property for a better price.  

Most people normally sell Trees shortly after they purchase a piece of property for couple of reasons.

First, they want to recoup part of the money they invested in the property. Second, the standing timber has no Capital Gain value because you just bought it. The longer you own it, the more the value it grows as far as the Tax Man is conserved.

Cutting or Felling Trees

Timber cutters have a big job and more than likely one of the most important while harvesting trees.

A cutter has to determine the best direction to drop a tree for 3 reasons, Removal access, to keep from busting said tree, and to minimize the damage to the surrounding trees. On top of that, he has to keep himself safe by allowing a good escape route during the felling of the tree. Cutting trees leaning up a steep hill or a Tree by a line fence prove to be the most challenging.    


We always try to minimize the amount of trails, avoided natural springs or wet spots, and limit the amount of times we cross water ways. When necessary, we install culvert pipe or temporary wood pole crossings to prevent erosion as well as harm to the water quality.     

Landing Area or Loading

A Good Landing or Loading area where Timber or Logs can be removed in most types of weather will benefit the sale of logs. Insuring the buyer that he will be able to take delivery of logs, soon after his purchase. This will also give a better opportunity for presenting and marketing said trees, furthering profits!    


Marking the logs for grade and market is also an important part of the process to reach maximum profits.  

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