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Charles Kolb & Sons Logging has been in business since about 1969, so 50 plus years! Charles Kolb started hauling pulpwood back in the 60's while he was working in the paper mill. Working both jobs he quickly found out he like being his own boss and began working in pulpwood full time. Soon after he got involved in hardwood timber as a Cutter, Skidder, and Hauler for Sawmills and Veneer Mills. After a couple of years he started purchasing his own Timber and reselling it to the proper markets and became a popular logging operation amoung many mills and export buyers.

Charles Kolb at the Paul Bunyan Show a few years back. He was looking over a new set of skidder tires and tire chains from a vender

James Kolb, the oldest son, took over the Timber Cutting Job after turning over the skidding job to his younger brother Tom. Jim also, manages all the Timber Buying, contracts, and Marketing for the company.

Thomas Kolb, yougest of the family, took the job Skidding as well as equipment servicing and up keep. He now is also cutting Timber part of the time.

Our Vision.


Is to provide the best experience while selling your standing Timber from the first contact. We provide free quotes, so there is no expense on your end.

We will do a walk thru on the first visit, which will tells us if the Standing Timber in the wood lot is ready for harvesting and what options you have. 

Are intent would will all ways be, to provide a service in which you would not hesitate to call us back in the future.

Company Profile.


We are a local Family owned and operated Logging Company out of Liberty, Indiana.

We have 50 years plus experience of Buying, Harvesting, and Marketing of Hardwood Timber, Lumber, and Veneer Logs. We purchased Standing Timber and Timber Ground from the Tri-State Area including Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky.  We are licenses and insured, and practice safe, Best Management Practices to insure minor damage to properties. 

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